About me

About me and my extended family.

I am 51 years old, married, and have two children: Ina Terese 21 and Kine Malene 16 years of age. I work in a bank (Sparebanken1 SMN in Molde.

I got my first dog in 1982, "Trixie" from FOD (RSPCA). She was a mix of Bedlington Terrier and Poodle. She reach the age of ca 10 years. Later Sharp Dressed Stephanie "Stephie", 12 years in 2003 and her daugther Snow'n Ice's Arcitic Queen "Queenie" who was 6 years in august came along. Both of them are sadly gone now.

We have a Standard Poodle-bitch now, Angelic Sunshine "Bettina". She is born in April 1999, and the next newcommer to our familily was a small Miniature-poodle bitch, Crecendo's White Supra "Shanaia". She is from Denmark from Crecendo Poodles, Jytte Pfänner and is born in April 2003.

In Octobre 2004 the family was extended with another Standard Poodle-puppy, Snow'n Ice's Apricot Quiana. She is after Joiners Quality Quillo Quillian "Quillian" and under Sunshine Angelic "Bettina". Our last acquiered dog is Bali-Hai Honeysuckle Rose "Honey" - she is a silver Toy-poodle born in February 2006.

In 1982 I was "tricked" to join a instructor-course in obidience. After the course I worked as a help-instructor and instructor in my local club. I liked it very much.

I participated in the first agility-course at my local club and just loved it.

After moving up to Nord-Møre I have had a couple of courses with my sister. I attended a course in agility after moving, but I am not activ with this now. I also attended a course in surch and rescue of woonded animals, witch was very interesting. Both "Stephie" and I prospered with this. We did not get the approval for that work because of my pregnancy, and later birth of my child put a stop to that, but maybe I later on will proseed to do this.

In 2004 I partisipated at secretery for jugdes at NKK and have passed my exames, now I only have to do the practice. This will be a new way for me to attend dogshows, but I am looking forward to it.

At the time beeing my interests are shows, grooming and breeding. Much of what I have learnt I give the honour to Barbro (Kennel Sharp Dressed). My desire is lots of time and ability to take care of the puppies and their new owners. For my breeding I try to accomplish good mental and physical health foremost, and then the exterior.

I am working as a assistant-trainer for Førerhundklubben Kvikk (guide-dogs for the blind), and have done this volontary since 1999. Here I do some complementary training of the guide-dogs. This is an activity I just love.